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The final grading and finishing the earthwork for the Schoolhouse Park Project will begin soon. ©Ben Robinson/Color Green Photo

COVINGTON – The Village of Covington has several projects making progress, projects that are striving for the best of Covington.

Here is a list of projects and the updates being made:

Schoolhouse Park:

  • The asphalt on Grant Street has been finished, and the concrete work is complete.
  • Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the electrical work to be finalized due to the manufacturing process of a specialized panel for our new splash pad.
  • Plumbing at the Miami Pavilion is receiving its final touches.
  • The General Contractor has contacted the playground equipment manufacturer to address the edges of the mat where the actual equipment sits.
  • Final grading and finishing the earthwork will begin soon.

Government Center Remodel:

  • The footers have been poured in place, and the new front porch is under construction.
  • Interior work continues, and we hope that drywall finishers will start their process within the next two weeks.
  • Masons are working on the inlays for the front of the building and continuing with the brickwork.
  • HVAC and electricians are diligently completing their portions of the project to stay ahead of the drywall finishers.
  • Overall, the project has progressed as smoothly as expected.

Waste Water Treatment Facility:

  • Underground work is ongoing.
  • Completing work at the two lift stations causing the intersection at Bridge and Main to be closed has been challenging.
  • The contractor is doing everything possible to open a lane of travel on Bridge Street.
  • Updates will be provided as we receive more information.
  • Balancing the unknowns of underground work with the convenience of residents is sometimes challenging.
  • Boring of the force main under the river will begin in the next couple of weeks.
  • The Village of Covington has collaborated with the contractor and reached a compromise for our community. The intersection at Bridge and Main is temporarily partially open until the next phase of underground work in the intersection is completed. The intersection now functions as a temporary 3-way stop. The estimated duration of this temporary opening is approximately 20-30 days. Subsequently, upon the completion of the boring company’s work, it will be closed again until the final underground tasks within the intersection are finished. Once the final work concludes, the intersection is expected to open fully, barring any temporary traffic impediments necessary for resurfacing the street toward the project’s conclusion. We appreciate your patience as work progresses; our new Wastewater Plant will undoubtedly be a significant asset to our community.

High Street Demolition:

  • All Village-owned buildings slated for demolition have been taken down and disconnected.
  • Cleanup is now underway, and the contractors aim to finish the project near the end of June.

Village Admin:

  • Village employees are working with various contractors while also managing their day-to-day operations.
  • There’s a lot of work to do, but we’re up to the task.
  • We continue to strive for the best Covington!