In 1984 the Covington Athletic Department initiated an Athletic Hall of Fame to honor those Covington graduates who have distinguished themselves in athletics. Over the past forty-one years, C.H.S. has inducted 98 members, 38 honorary members and nine teams. This coming year marks the 42nd year for this event.

Next year’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place on Saturday, December 7, 2024, before the high school boys’ basketball game vs. Mississinawa Valley. The Hall of Fame inductees will also be introduced between the JV and Varsity boys’ basketball games that night.

Anyone wishing to submit a nomination should do so with a letter to the Athletic Director detailing as much information as possible about the potential inductee. Deadline for nominations is August 16, 2024.

Please address letters to:
Covington Athletic Department
807 Chestnut St.
Covington OH 45318

Any questions call the Athletic Department at (937) 473-2552.

Thank you!
Ashley Naff, Athletic Director


Being inducted into the Covington Athletic Hall of Fame is a prestigious honor and three individuals, plus the 2002 softball team were blessed to experience that honor during the 41st annual induction ceremony on Saturday, January 13, 2023 at Covington High School. The two individual former athletes who were inducted were 1986 graduate Ralph “Butch” Boehringer and 2013 graduate Troy Cron and another individual, 1981 graduate Dan Cain, was inducted as an honorary member. Butch Boehringer and Troy Cron compiled amazing athletic careers at Covington and left legacies of greatness for future generations to follow, while Dan Cain established himself as one of the premier coaches in Covington history. The 2002 softball team consisted of some of the best players in the history of the program and became the first softball team in Covington to reach the state final four.


Linus Grilliot
Class of 1941

Bob Hartley
Class of 1961

Gene Laughman
Class of 1964

Kent Thompson
Class of 1965

Tom Dunn
Class of 1972

Tim Vogler
Class of 1975

Dave Beard
Class of 1950

Tom Finfrock
Class of 1950

Bob Johnston
Class of 1953

Larry Warner
Class of 1962

Jay Meyer
Class of 1977

Dave Tobias
Class of 1980

Rodney Sampson
Class of 1958

Terry Vogler
Class of 1975

Kevin Finfrock
Class of 1981

Leonard Wood
Class of 1952

Ed Hartley
Class of 1971

Joe Schmidt
Class of 1980

Gary Carder
Class of 1959

Judy Miller
Class of 1980

Fred Flory
Class of 1945

Bob Tobias
Class of 1954

Kelly Deeter
Class of 1984

Kenny Shefbuch
Class of 1954

Jim Sampson
Class of 1960

Harold Minnich
Class of 1933

Denny Cain
Class of 1972

Brad Barker
Class of 1969

Brian Olson
Class of 1987

Cindy Byers
Class of 1984

Lawrence Deal
Class of 1928

Rex Huffman
Class of 1971

John Flory
Class of 1966

Lane Evans
Class of 1988

Ryan Stover
Class of 1989

Jodi Miller
Class of 1989

Jim Meyer
Class of 1974

Ed Barger
Class of 1981

Lynnette Roeth
Class of 1992

Ron Leach
Class of 1971

Tori Hartley
Class of 1993

Bill Apple
Class of 1970

Dave Doseck
Class of 1974

Craig Vanderhorst
Class of 1984

Bill Fick
Class of 1941

Mike Schmidt
Class of 1979

Erica Bowman
Class of 1996

Staci Short
Class of 1996

Richard Via
Class of 1954

Doug Swartz
Class of 1976

Becky Sink
Class of 1997

Matt Weikert
Class of 1997

Carolyn Deneke
Class of 1990

David Larson
Class of 1998

Shelli Manson
Class of 1998

Ronald Rhoades
Class of 1952

Bill Frey
Class of 1953

Emily Enderle
Class of 1999

Nate Gibson
Class of 1999

Jason Kingrey
Class of 1984

Doug Swartz
Class of 1975

Libby McMaken
Class of 2000

Lauren Boggs
Class of 2002

Jason Meyer
Class of 2002

Holly Irvin
Class of 1982

Ted Peacock
Class of 1967

Bert Roeth
Class of 2002

Josh Burelison
Class of 2002

Pam Sowers
Class of 1992

Jon Sampson
Class of 2003

Michelle Meyer
Class of 2006

Logan Brown
Class of 2006

Scott Fisher
Class of 1985

Sue Schwamberger
Class of 2002

Heather Fields
Class of 2004

Ashley Johnson
Class of 2007

Jenny McMaken
Class of 1983

Alex Christian
Class of 2007

Renee Otte
Class of 2009

Jarod Meyer
Class of 2002

Andrew Dehart
Class of 2011

Meredith Tobias
Class of 2007

Gene Studebaker
Class of 2007

Gale Long
Class of 1973

Chloe Shell
Class of 2011

A.J. Ouellette
Class of 2014

Jaclyn Siefring
Class of 2014

Lane White
Class of 2014

Dale Brandt
Class of 1944

Fred Davis
Class of 1960

Shannan Irvin
Class of 1984

Michael Molesky
Class of 2002

Carly Shell
Class of 2016

Darin Rhoades
Class of 2006

Casey Yingst
Class of 2013

Ben Miller
Class of 2015

Butch Boehringer
Class of 1986

Troy Cron
Class of 2013


Steve Burelison, Randy Miller, David Dull, Ron Phillis, Al Grise, Steve Bordelon, Tim Wise, Bill Lyle, Gary Robinson, Rick Hollopeter, Doug Meyer, Steve Pennington, Calvin Yingst, Mike Leonard, Terry Vogler, Tim Shafer, Tim Vogler, Greg Dennings, Whitey Forsythe, Mike Apwisch, John Montgomery, Joe Davis, Dean Fields, Roger Finfrock, Dave Doty, Rod Victor, David Nicodemus, Mike Zimmer, Richard Girouard, Bob Flora, Galen Mullennix, Doug Swartz, Don Anthony, Rusty Kimmel, Randy Besecker, Dave Doseck, Greg Reynolds

Dave Beeman, Larry McKenzie, Thomas Fenner, Larry Warner, Michael Hart, Robert Byers, Bob Hartley, Mike Hudson, Doug Murray, James Ruhl, Warren Smith, Larry Wise, Terry Byers, Gordon McMaken, Tim Hudson, John Laughman, Larry Caldwell, Gene Laughman, Steve Wells, Roger Looker, George Yingst, Gary Maier, Sam Bashore, Mike Miller, Jerry Fessler, Donald Weer III, John Holsinger, David Wimmer, Kay Hunt, Arthur Jennings, Thomas Iddings, Mark Smith, Wayne Ingle, Tom Kimmel, Coach Jim Beisner

Dan Mutzner, Tim Wise, Larry Minnich, Robert Tobias, Ted Brumbaugh, Dave Barnhart, Mike Bordelon, Coach Ron Schultz

Sitting (L-R) – Angie Millhouse, Tiana Powell, Whitney Bell, and Jessica Bishop. Standing (L-R) – Head Coach Lonnie Cain, Nikki Simon, Stacy Weldy, Becky Sink, Staci Short, Erica Bowman, Richelle Finfrock and Stacey Fields. (Not Pictured: Coach Niki Simon, Coach Maureen Amirault)

Ted Fields, Brian Bitner, Mike Girouard, Rob Girouard, Kevin Finfrock, Pat Thomas, Chris Rench, Mark Williams, Mark Landis, Jim Smith, Phil Reck, Mike Grilliot, Kirk Tisdale, Jeff Lauber, Joe Schmidt, Scott Manson, Jeff Ryan, Dan Westfall, Joe Richard, Chuck Yingst, Ryan Kimmel, Bryan Reames, Glenn Musgrave, Marc Cain, Dave DeMoss, Chris Locker, John Broughman, Greg Rench, Doug Pond, Chris Yingst, Don Fosnight, Todd Fields, Jeff Cain, Dave Tobias, Jim Rench, Dale Barger, Travis Brannon, Tom Manson, Rick Schmidt, Coach Larrie Tisdale, Coach Steve Fisher, Coach Ed McCord, Coach Bob Huelsman

Center: Coach Bob Huelsman. Team (L-R): John Hackett, Ed Barger, Steve Simon, Rick Schmidt, Scott Manson, Jeff Ryan, Jerry Minnich, Dale Barger, Jim Tobias, Don Fosnight, Phil Reck, Kevin Finfrock.

Row 1 – Coach Louis Apwisch, Dick O’Roark, Tom Hill, Bill Langston, Eddie Nolan, Dale Garman, Head Coach Burr Simpson, Dick Hemm, Don Whitman, Junior Deal, Coach Charles Watson. Row 2 – Manager Charlie Wright, Dave Beard, Leroy Anderson, Don Via, George Brandt, Charlie Phillis, Bill Collins, Dean Finfrock, John Fletcher, Bill Wills. Row 3 – Manager Carl Reck, Dave Mote, Joel Phillips, Frank Hemm, Jack Farling, Joe Bosserman, Henry Anderson, Bill Trembly, Keith Langston, Dick Supinger, Jim Ellis.

Top Row (L-R): Rodney Kimmel, Mike Hagan, Brian Olson, Karsten Mueller, Art Sowers, Scott Tayler, Chris Colbert. Middle Row (L-R): Randy Sowers, Rob Anspach, Ernie Elliot, Tim Fitzpatrick, Keith Ponchilla, David White, Tony Iddings, L.G. Henry. Bottom Row (L-R): Doug Hartman, Gary Kesler, Lee Yantis, Keith Musgrave, Cory Smith. (Not Pictured: Ray Kimmel and Chris Nutter) STATE QUALIFIERS: Rodney Kimmel, Mike Hagan, Brian Olson, Scott Tayler, Keith Musgrave, Chris Nutter, Randy Sowers.

Front Row (L-R) – Amanda McCullough, Heather Fields, Carolyn Ciriegio, Logan Graher. Second Row (L-R) – Laura Ciriegio, Jessica Furrow, Tara Plank, Christina Meredith, Audrey Doseck. Third Row (L-R) – Head Coach Lynnette Roeth, Sue Schwamburger, Lauren Boggs, Jamie Grilliot, Amanda Wright, Stephanie Thompson, Assistant Coach Shannon Fidler.


Les Zimmerman

Burr Simpson

Harold Deeter

Richard Minnich

Blair Irvin

Dave Murray

Frank Dunn

Dr. Robert Girouard

Bob Huelsman

Larrie Tisdale

Paul Devine

Ron Schultz

Charlie Reiber

Bob Wion

Dr. John Molesky

Bob Phillis

Tom Barbee

Low Apwisch

Forrest Miller

Tebba Cain

Scott Johnson

Chris Besecker

Lonnie Cain

Roger Craft

Harold Frantz

John Beeman

Glen Hollopeter

Ben Wolfe

Ben Robinson

Rob Kiser

Dennis Willoughby
Buccs #1 Fan

Gretchen Schmidt

Doug Foster

Jack Schwamberger

Steve Dunn

Donna Kay Dewey

Josh Long

Dan Cain