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COVINGTON – The Village of Covington has several projects making progress, projects that are striving for the best of Covington.

High Street Demolition Project – The project is progressing well and is scheduled to be completed by the end of June, barring any unforeseen roadblocks. Grass will be planted in the areas where construction has taken place to finish the area.

Schoolhouse Park – We are still awaiting the final electrical components needed to run the splashpad. Final grading is underway, and grass seeding will commence soon. We will water the grass and place caution tape around the newly seeded area to allow the grass to establish. We are working diligently to open the park as soon as possible.

Wastewater Treatment Plant – Unfortunately, during the rock boring under the river for one of the final bores, there was a need to close the intersection at Bridge St. and Main St. again. This adjustment was necessary due to the density of the rock under the river, which forced us to move a few feet further into the street than originally planned. This adjustment will not affect the operation of our Wastewater Treatment facility, but it will continue to pose challenges. The pull back under the river will be more challenging than initially anticipated, but it is manageable.

Government Center Remodel – Work on the Government Center is progressing as scheduled. The interior of the building is progressing well, with drywall finishers preparing to finalize their part of the project. The mechanical systems of the building are also on track for completion, and construction of the front porch has begun.

Village Employees – Our utility employees are actively supporting the completion of our projects. The water department is assisting with the Schoolhouse Park completion, while the wastewater department continues to contribute to construction alongside their regular duties. Our public works team is ensuring that refuse collection remains as close to schedule as possible, while also managing necessary maintenance tasks.

It is imperative that as a community, we remain as flexible as possible. The additions being made to our Village will be tremendous assets. The park will provide an amazing place for relaxation for all of us. The Wastewater Treatment facility will be a long-term asset for our growing community. We understand the frustrations that can arise during construction, but without undertaking this work, the benefit could not be realized. We are continually working for the best Covington!