2022 Covington graduate Claudia Harrington is putting together a stellar basketball career at Muskingum University. ©Ben Robinson/Color Green Photo

COLUMBUS – Claudia Harrington, a 2022 Covington graduate, is putting together an amazing college basketball career at Muskingum University.

Covington has had several outstanding athletes have success at the collegiate level over the years and Harrington is adding to the legacy of the Buccaneer tradition by playing at an elite level for Muskingum in her second year as a starter.

Now, as a sophomore, Harrington has 608 career points, averages 12.4 points, has 285 rebounds for an average of 5.8 in a total of 49 games played. This season Harrington has scored 320 points in 24 games for an average of 13.3 points-per-game. She also has 153 rebounds for an average of 6.4.

Her ability to spread the ball around is also impressive as she has 94 career assists, 56 of those in this season as a sophomore.

Defensively Harrington has 53 steals and 43 blocked shots in her career.

Harrington is also the team captain for the Fighting Muskies.

On Wednesday the Fighting Muskies played at Capital University and came up just short in overtime by the score of 68-66, but Harrington had an amazing game by leading Muskingum with 21 points. Harrington also had a team-high 10 rebounds, which is the fourth time in her collegiate career where she recorded a double-double.

Harrington’s all-around performance was outstanding as she also recorded four assists, two steals and a blocked shot.

The success Claudia is having in college is the same as she had in high school as a Lady Bucc where she ranks seventh in program history with 1101 career points.

On behalf of Covington, congratulations Claudia Harrington for your success as a member of the Muskingum Fighting Muskies. The Buccaneer family is extremely proud of you.

Claudia Harrington (left) is the team captain for the Fighting Muskies. ©Ben Robinson/Color Green Photo
Claudia’s defensive performance is impressive as she has 53 career steals and 43 blocked shots. ©Ben Robinson/Color Green Photo
Claudia led Muskingum with 21 points against Capital University on Wednesday. ©Ben Robinson/Color Green Photo