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A full solar eclipse was on display on Monday, April 8th at 3:09pm in Covington. ©Ben Robinson/Color Green Photo

COVINGTON – The Covington community and the communities around the Miami Valley were able to witness a full solar eclipse on Monday afternoon – a rare opportunity. The last time a full solar eclipse happened in the area was in 1806, twenty-nine years before Covington was incorporated in 1835.

In Covington, the full solar eclipse, where the moon completely blocked the sun, took place exactly at 3:09 in the afternoon. Many residents in the community took the time to witness a rare moment by wearing solar glasses to protect themselves from eye damage.

To accommodate those in the community for an ideal location to view the eclipse, J.R. Clarke Public Library made sure its parking lot was empty of cars from 2:00 to 3:30pm so residents could use the space to view the eclipse.

In preparation, Covington Exempted Village Schools closed on Monday to ensure the safety of the kids. All extra curricular activities were cancelled as well.

There was an eclipse in 2017, but it was a partial eclipse. The next time a full solar eclipse will pass over Covington will be on September 14, 2099.

Local residents were provided proper eye protection to view the solar eclipse. ©Ben Robinson/Color Green Photo